About Bluebell shipping

Working together to achieve great results

The Company

Bluebell shipping is one of the first private and largest forwarding companies in Macedonia which was founded as a family company in 1996 with aim to continuously grow and expand its services and to grow by becoming today as one the largest container shipping companies in the South- East Balkan region.

To explain what we really stand for and to truly realize what our company’s goals lie upon is to help customers grow their businesses, whether that is venturing into new territories, exploring new business opportunities, or growing in already developed markets. We pledge to provide the best service at the most competitive rates, backed up by our experienced and best-in-class personnel with excellent relation & business skills.

Bluebell Shipping has developed strong partnership with some of the world’s best-known brands and also serving some of the Top Fortune Global 500 list companies. Throughout the years, we have helped defining global trade to a plethora of customers, by setting new benchmarks in service and excellence in every market served.

Our Point of View

Our philosophy and key strategy is to link and enhance all of our operations as closely as possible, in order to assemble optimum synergies and to achieve added value in the services we offer to our customers. For this reason alone, the range of services we provide today represents the sum of such positive ideals, which compile and define our first-class service, comprehended by our professional and welcoming personnel and last but not least the high service benchmarks that we set to achieve.

In that respect we have identified our success factors and our recognizable corporate values:

  • Motivate our employees in enhancing their customers and market focus
  • Aspire for new standards of premium service quality and value
  • An everlasting endeavor for new ideas even when conditions appear satisfactory

Business principles:
  • Never give up.
  • Overcome challenges.
  • Always aim higher.
  • Remain motivated.
  • We deliver what we promise.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The people

The company recognises that our people are our greatest asset and key to continued growth for success and as such, we are committed to providing careers and working environments in which our people can achieve to their fullest potential. All the employees are encouraged to discuss issues and obstacles directly with the management team and to suggest ways to improve performance and efficiency. The company is supporting the personnel and professional development through social gatherings, group travels, visits of fairs and courses as well as investing in new skills and training for the team members.

The company

  • Provides clear and fair terms of employment to its employees
  • Provides all necessary working conditions
  • Has a fair remuneration policy
  • Strives for equal opportunities for all present and potential employees
  • Encourages employees to develop skills and progress in their careers
  • Does not employ underage staff
  • Ensures that staff are aware of the company’s policies on insider trading, bribery and inappropriate gifts, money laundering and whistle blowing
  • Encouraging a harmonious working environment with zero tolerance to any form of harassment linked to an individual’s sex or other personal traits

Equal Opportunities

Our company is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and diversity in employment and recognises that this is essential to ensuring success and growth within the organisation. To this end, Bluebell Shipping makes every effort to select, recruit, train and promote the best candidates based on suitability for the job; to treat all employees and applicants fairly, regardless of race, sex, marital status, age, nationality, ethnic origin, religious belief, sexual orientation or disability; and to ensure that no employee suffers harassment or intimidation of any kind.

Health, Safety & Welfare at Work

The Health, Safety & Welfare as well as wellbeing of the employees is of paramount importance to our company. It is the policy of the company to create and improve standards of Health and Safety, which will lead to the avoidance and reduction of risks and to ensure that the company complies with all the Health & Safety legislation. A detailed Health & Safety Policy Statement is held at all branch premises and displayed on the notice boards.


  • Always honest and fair relationship with our customers and vendors
  • Provides the standards of product and service that have been agreed
  • Takes all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and quality of products or services that it produces


  • Pays suppliers and subcontractors in accordance with agreed terms
  • Has a policy not to offer, pay or accept bribes or substantial favours
  • Encourages suppliers and subcontractors to abide by the same standards and principles

Careers at Bluebell shipping

Working together to achieve great results


… are someone who is passionate about logistics and international trade. You are willing to learn and ready to work in an environment where you can take on responsibilities and where people are willing to achieve their goals and to compete with the main competitors in the industry. If you want to grow personally and professionally while working in a great team of experts and developing your own ideas regarding improvement of the existing business, then probably you are the right candidate for us.


…offer fair treatment and equal opportunities for all the candidates who are willing to work and achieve their goals within the industry. We are ready to help your career development and to let you become professional in this field while having a pleasant working conditions and great teammates. If you think you are right candidate to be our next team member please contact us at : careers@Bluebell.mk

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